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Her Water Barrier had clearly reached the third level already, why was it unable to defend against the attack of the Spirit Wolf?


Resources could be plundered!

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    It was too expensive, I couldn’t afford it.” Mo Fan straightforwardly replied.

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    A Summoned beast was unable to remain in the normal plane for a long time. They resided in the Summoning Plane. In that plane, there also existed many challenges which they had to face.

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    The sound didn't need any equipment to reach the center of the venue as it continuously echoed about.


According to the rules, the first Awakening being a Classical Element was the most common one. The following one would be either Black Magic or White Magic, and the one with the least probability would be Dimensional Magic.

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    A person who was an Intermediate Mage like him when they entered the school was definitely a person who was hard to deal with. Luo Song understood that he needed to take it slow with Mo Fan!

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    When the third challenger team came, Hai Dafu’s White Armored Battle Scorpion’s combat prowess had distinctly weakened. It no longer had that dominance it had in the beginning.

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    Following this move, Luo Song used Earth Ripple to move himself somewhere more safe. When he found a good position, he once again used the formidable and terrifying Ice Lock.

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    For now, due to the University's rules, he, like the other new students, had to stay in the student hostel.

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    The Spirit Wolf could be considered as having escaped from a calamity and then obtaining a fortune.

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    Mo Fan ground his teeth and persisted.

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The Priest was like a statue as he stood there. His eyes burned with resentment as he gazed at Mo Fan.