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The black saber was spinning with an incredible force. The first hill was broken into pieces with brute force. However, as the saber collided with the second hill, its speed dramatically decreased. It was no longer producing strong gusts of wind....


The other priests burst into laughter when they heard Fang Shaoli laugh. However, the disciples who were clueless about the details of the plan had no choice but to laugh while being utterly confused..

Ready to Serve

However, the arrow she fired not long ago had drained away too much of her energy. Even though she was able to unleash her Ice Domain, its effects had been greatly reduced. She could not help but feel worried..


New poisonous spikes had grown out of the Sudden-Death Poison Queen's arms. As the creature clapped its arms at Liu Ru, it was like an enormous beast clawing at her..

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Summer Sandwich

29 Sep 2084

Mochizuki Chihaya's eyes were immediately filled with astonishment and terror when she heard the words..

New Great Taste

23 Sep 2084

Mochizuki Chihaya glared at him and said defensively, He was left with no choice!.

Spicy Pizza

14 Sep 2084

Burning lava washed across the place. Mochizuki Chihaya frowned. Water ribbons circled her. Mo Fan had no idea how the woman had cast the defensive Water Spell while she was blasted so rapidly by his spells. Perhaps she too was able to cast Basic Spells with a single thought!.

Healthy Food

25 Aug 2084

Mo Fan was planning to spread flames across the whole place, just so the Sudden-Death Poison Queen would burn continuously, no matter where it was running to. No creature was truly invincible. No matter how tough the Sudden-Death Poison Queen was, it would eventually die to the Advanced Level fire!.

Great Breakfast

17 Aug 2084

Guan Ying soon realized the strange atmosphere. He looked at Mo Fan and asked with a strange expression, Well, did you seriously improve to the Advanced Level?.

Fresh Fruit Juice

12 Aug 2084

She was being extremely cautious to avoid hurting the baby inside the sleeping bag....


  • The girls in this country are interestingly fake, Sayed had already heard the whispers of the girls. He was a Magician after all; his hearing was several times stronger than a normal person..

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  • I can tell for sure, the wave almost razed the clouds to the ground! agreed Mo Fan in astonishment..

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  • It's surprising to see how strong he is now... Dean Song He fondled his beard..

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